2017 Reads

The Seventh Plague – James Rollins – D – Sadly the first book by him I ever stopped reading. It just dragged.

Night School – Lee Child – A – Another great Reacher novel.

The House – Christina Lauren – B – Good book about a haunted like house.

Never Never – James Patterson – B- It was OK.

The Chemist – Stephanie Meyer – B – Good story! Just a bit long and kind of drawn out.

Gentleman and Player – Joanne Harris – stopped reading, did not really like.

Empire – Jeremy Robinson –  Great. A

Nowhere Man – Gregg Hurwitz – Part of Orphan X series. Good. – B

The Ones – Daniel Sweren-Becker – A Good story!

The Last Girl – Joe Hart – A – Excellent

The Final Trade – Joe Hart – B+   2nd in series, very good.

The First City – Joe Hart – B+  Good series end. Watch for more from this author.

Home – Harlan Coben –  B+

Tricky Twenty-Two – Janet Evanovich – B   OK, needs to grow as a series.

Lineage – Joe Hart – B   Horror, thriller. Good.

The Lost Order – Steve Berry – C-    Ugh, just dragged on and on and I finally quit about 75% though.

Burntown – Jennifer McMahon – A   Excellent. Really very very good.

The Widow – Fiona Barton – B+/A-  Very good.

Hunger – Jeremiah Knight – B    First in a series. I enjoyed this.

In the Blood – Lisa Unger –   A-   I really liked this.

Duplicity – Ingrid Throft – B+    Good book in this series. Cliffhanger, looking forward to the next one.

The Red Hunter – Lisa Unger –  A-    I very much enjoyed this book.

Exit Strategy – Steve Hamilton –   B+    Good book in this series!

The Distance  – Jeremy Robinson – A   Excellent

Dangerous Minds – Janet Evanovich – D   Stopped reading, just getting so tired of this nonsense.

One of Us is Lying – Karen M McManus –  B+/A-      Teen book, very good. Page turner.

Silent Corner – Dean Koontz – B    Good start to a new series.

Humans, Bow Down – James Patterson – B     I believe this is a first in a new series. It was OK. I  read the whole book in a day, its definitely not an intellectual read, but kept me interested.

The Child – Fiona Barton –  B+ / A-   Good story, kept me interested.

AfterLife – Marcus Sakey – B-     Just OK. Stand Alone. Not as good as his regular series.

LoveMuder – Saul Black –    B+    Excellent 2nd book in series.

Killer Harvest – Paul Cleave – A   Excellent book.

Say Nothing – Brad Parks – B+/A-    Great book, gets better as it goes on.

Don’t Let Go- Harlan Coben –    B+

Parting Shot – Linwood Barclay –   A-

Midnight Train – Lee Child-    B     OK, not the best.

Demon Crown – James Rollins  –        Stopped reading about 2/3 way through. It was jsut boring and not really going anywhere. Not horrible, just not good enough for me to keep reading.

Flashmob – Christopher Farnsworth      –   A. Really enjoyed this. Very Goof, its the second in a series.

This Mortal Coil –