2013 Reads

Noteworthy Books I read in 2013 and the ratings I give them.

The Blood Gospel – James Rollins – A    New Series. I enjoyed it.

Ragnarok – Jeremy Robinson – B+   Solid part of the series.

The White Horse – Alex Adams – B     Solid Debut.

Reached – Ally Condie – Conclusion to trilogy – B    Just OK.

The Right Hand – Derek Haas –  C+     Just OK, not great.

The Prodigy – Marie Lu – B     Second in series.

The Demonologist – Andrew Pyper – B.     Solid read.

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn – B-    Not as good as her others.

The Red Moth – Sam Eastland – C+     4th in Pekkala series. OK.

N0S4A2 Joe HIll – A –    Excellent! Superb!

Prophet of Bones – Ted Kosmatka -B+     Really good.

The Doll – Taylor Stevens – B –     3rd in series. Good but not great.

Inferno – Dan Brown – B-     Da Vinci Code Followup. Good but not great. Lots of history.

The King’s Deception – Steve Berry – B          Another solid chapter in the Cotton Malone series. 

The Eye of God – James Rollins – D  –  Very disappointing.  I actually stopped reading this at about page 250. First time EVER with a Rollins book. Very sad.

The Golem and the Jinni – Helene Wecker  –   A-    Debut book. This was great. Historical and Fantasy rolled into one.

The Prey – Andrew Fuduka – B-     OK, not as good as the first in the series.

Siege and Storm – Leigh Bardugo – B+        Very good installment in the is series. THe first one is excellent as well.

Island 731 – Jeremy Robinson – B-       Just OK.

Never Go Back – Lee Child – A      Another good installment in the Reacher series.

Nexus – Ramez Naam – B+      Very good sci-fi debut.

Eyes Wide Open – Ted Dekker – C       Spots of good and spots of drawn-out and wordy sections. Just OK. Bad ending.

Loyalty – Ingrid Throft – B+  Great Debut. First in Series.

Poppet – Mo Hayder – D   I just could not get into this novel, even though she is one of my favorites. 😦

Doctor Sleep – Stephen King – A    Another great novel by King. So good, especially the last 1/3.

Sovereign – Ted Dekker – B    Last of trilogy.

Innocent Blood – James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell – B-       Second in series. Second half better than first half of book.

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