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30 Minute Living Room Workout

Looking to change things up and add a new routine to your workout repertoire? Me too!

I was at my cottage and the weather was pretty bad. Cold and rainy, but hey, at least was windy! LOL. Anyway, so I made up this 30 minute workout that can be done inside in your living room where its nice and warm and cozy during a blustery winter day. All you need is a couple different weight dumbbells. I used 20’s, 25’s and 35’s. The best part is, it’s super adaptable as your strength increases or to fit whatever weights you may have handy.

This is great workout to do when you are simply looking for something new to throw at your body to change things up. It’s an all-over body workout as it consists of exercises hitting the chest, shoulder, back and legs.

The workout entails two sections, the first is a circuit of 5 different exercise you perform with 30 sec rest between sets. Repeat  the circuit 4 times. This section takes about 21 minutes to perform.

The second section is consists of 2 different abdominal exercises also performed with 30 sec rest between sets, repeated 4 times. This section takes about 9 minutes.

The weights I used are in parenthesis.

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer up for one interval of 30 sec. After each set is complete hit the Start button to time your rest period.

30 minute Workout

Pick a weight that allows you to do the 8-10 reps maintaining good form.

30 sec rest between sets. Repeat  the circuit 4 times.

1. Pushups – 10-12 reps
2. Shoulder Press – 10 reps (20-25lbs/each hand)
3. Goblet Split Squat – 8 reps each leg (25-30lbs)
4. Single Leg Deadlift – 10 reps each leg (25lbs)
5. One arm Row – 8 reps each arm (35 lbs)

30 sec rest between sets. Repeat  the circuit 4 times.

6. Crunches – 50 reps
7. Sit Ups – 15 reps

As always, this workout can be found here on the website on the HIIT, Tabata, Circuits, etc page.

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