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The Best Exercises You’re (Probably) Not Doing

I have decided to start a little series called the best exercises you’re probably not doing. This weeks installment is the Barbell Glute Bridge. As the name suggest, this is a glute exercise. and it is one of the best exercises you can do that focuses almost solely on your posterior.

I got this book by Bret Contreras called “Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body” I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone, man or woman, who is looking to build both their leg and glute strength. It is chock full of great exercises that are explained in detail with lots of pictures to show you how to do them. It was in this book that I was first introduced to the Glute Bridge, which is one of two main exercises that Contreras really emphasizes throughout all the exercise plans in the book. The other exercise is the Hip Thrust, which is kind of the next level to the Glute Bridge and is an awesome exercise you’re probably not doing as well.

When you do these for the first time you want to do them with no weight at all to get the hang of the technique. Then, you add in the barbell, increasing the weight as you get stronger. Another great thing about this exercise is there are lots of different bodyweight only variations that you can do, such as  single leg, feet elevated, marching, etc.


First learn to do the movement with no weight. Check out this great instructional website. 

Once you have that down heres how to do it with the barbell. Lay on the floor. Roll the barbell up over your legs so it is sitting over your pelvis, a couple inches below your hips. Then bring your feet up close to your butt. I use a towel as a pad because as the weight gets heavier, its can really dig in. Use your hands to hold the bar in place on your pelvis, otherwise it will slide down. Then, you thrust your hips upward in one powerful movement, hold it for a second, then lower. Repeat. Remember, it should be a powerful thrust up. Keep your knees from spreading outward as they will want to do. See my pictures below where I am using two 45lb plates.



When you start out, perform 3 sets of 15 at a moderate weight, 3 times per week. Then increase the weight. You will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to increase the weight. I am up to a total of 175lbs and I have only been doing these a month.

Another great source is bodybuilding.com. Check out the video on how to do it here.Good Luck!

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