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Healthy Raw Vegetable recipe!

I try to eat healthy. Lately I’ve doing a bodybuilding type eating regime and I am trying to follow it as well as possible. So far, so good. In determining what foods to eat, I first  had to figure out my needs. Specifically in regards to fruits and veggies this can be confusing. I found this handy dandy website that has a calculator that tell you how many cups of fruits and veggies you need a day. Turns out I need 2.5 -3 cups of veggies per day.

Which brings me to the next issue, why in the name of Pete are fruits and vegetables measured in cups!

I mean come on, it is SO inconvenient to have to measure broccoli and cauliflower and all that in a cup! Is it not much easier on everybody if its just measured in grams or ounces? Then all you need is cheap kitchen scale and viola! But in the name of doing things right, I measured. I took my 3 favorite vegetables that I eat a lot of: broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots and measured them out. I used my kitchen scale to get accurate measurement and to see if 1 cup of chopped broccoli really was 91g. Turns out it is. 🙂

So for your convenience here it is, this mixture below is 2.5 cups of veggies. A whole days worth!
• 1 cup broccoli is 91g
• 1 cup of cauliflower is 100g
• 1/2 cup of baby carrots is 35-38g  (6 reg baby carrots)

But even better here is all of the 3 veggies above in pics, so you can see how much it really is.


So now you have your  veggies, but how are you going to eat them without slathering them in ranch? I have the answer……TRADER JOE’S SPINACH AND KALE GREEK YOGURT DIP! This stuff is da bomb! Seriously yummy and good for you! Just chop up your veggie and add mix it in. (Full Nutritional info at the bottom)


2 tablespoons of this stuff is only 30 calories with only very little fat or sugar. So good! I used 3 tablespoons for my veggies. This seemed to be the best amount 2 was just not enough and 4 more than you need. One note: If you have been slacking on your veggie intake I highly recommend you split this up into 2 servings and eat one with lunch and one with dinner. Here’s the final product. Enjoy!

3Nutrition Info (all 2.5 cups + dip)

Calories – 116
Carbs – 18g
Fat – 4 g
Protein – 6g
Potassium – 708mg
Sugars – 8g
Fiber – 7g
Sodium – 313mg
Cholesterol – 8mg
Calcium – 10%
Vitamin C – 226%
Vitamin A – 94%
Iron – 10%

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