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Make your own Speed / Agility Mini Hurdles

One the training tools that I have been using the most lately in my training at the rink are speed hurdles also called agility hurdles. I have been using 6” ones. They also come in 9”, 12”, or adjustable ones, but the adjustable ones tend to be a bit more breakable, especially if you have kids using them.

Like the name suggests, they are a great tool for speed and agility training. There are so many different drills you can do with these things which will improve your speed, agility, and anaerobic performance. These things make fora  great HIIT workout. So, clearly I wanted some for home use. Unfortunately they aren’t cheap. Generally speaking, they are anywhere from $30 to 70 for a set of 6. This is crazy seeing as it is simply a hollow piece of plastic. So, I decided to make my own 6” speed hurdles. Home Depot, here I come.

What to buy to make 6 hurdles:

  • 3 – 10 ft. PVC pipe, size ½ inch
  • 24 – 90 degree PVC elbow, size ½ inch (you can buy these in bags of 10 and then grab 4 more individuals)
  • 12 – 45 degree PVC elbow, size ½ inch (sold individually)
  • Purple Primer (optional)
  • PVC Cement (optional)
  • A saw to cut the PVC

How to make the hurdles:

  1. Cut 6 pieces 18 inches long
  2. Cut 12 pieces 12 inches long
  3. Cut 12 pieces 4 inches long
  4. Cut 12 pieces 2 inches long
  5. Now comes the easy part: Simply put the pieces together to make the hurdle. See pictures for reference.
  6. You have 2 options, you can simply put the pieces together and not cement them, or you can cement them together.

They actually fit together very snug. There are benefits to both options. If you do not cement them, you can make them taller as you improve your skills, by simply putting a longer piece on the arms of the hurdle. However, by cementing them, they will be a bit sturdier and you won’t have to occasionally straighten them out. The choice is yours. I decided to cement everything except the pieces that make up the arms and determine the height of the hurdle. That way we get the best of both worlds.

All this fun for just under $20 at Home Depot! Add in the 8oz purple primer and 8oz PVC cement for a total of just $29.

(Note, you can click on the pics below to make them bigger)

005 (1024x518) 010 (1024x613)003 (1024x768)008 (1024x809)


Now you are all ready to workout with them! This workout requires some speed agility hurdles and your Gymboss Interval Timer to time your rest between sets. A Gymboss will keep your entire workout on track.

Remember to always warmup and cooldown properly.

20 lunges (each leg)
20 squats
10 bulgarian split squats (each leg)

Agility (using the agility hurdles) Rest 30 sec between sets
Front/back between there and back – 5 sets
High knees there and back with sprint at end – 5 sets
Double jumps there and back – 5 sets

Speed (no hurdles) Rest 1 minute between sets. 
Sprint Warm-ups of 30 yards – 3-5 set (go easy at first and a little faster after each one)
Sprints 30 yards – 10 sets (Explosive power right off the line)


Looking for more ideas?

Here’s a video that will show you some moves to try with your new hurdles. Even though this video uses soccer players, these drills are great for anybody looking to improve their agility and/or speed.

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  1. Thanks for the instructions. I am a high school track coach I have banana hurdles but they are too tall for my girls. I will now be able to make a bunch for the cost of 6 premade ones.

  2. Great idea! I’ve been looking for DIY designs for hurdles and this is what I was looking for. You saved me lots of money! Thanks.

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