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Leg Endurance Workout – Tabata Style

Looking for a new tabata leg routine? Try out this one I did the other day. I did mine on a large tire as the tire helps absorb impact on the joints. If you don’t have a tire, that’s OK, the ground works too. Or place a mat on the ground to help absorb impact.

Remember tabata is 20 sec on, 10 sec off. Be sure to do the 20 sec on as hard as possible. No slacking! Use your Gymboss to easily time it.

This workout can be done by itself or a “finisher” after your regular workout is complete. If this is your first time trying tabata, just choose one or two of these to do instead of trying to do all three.

First Tabata Routine:
  • Skaters (all 8 rounds)
Second Tabata Routine:
  • Squat Jumps – alternating jumping with legs to the side like normal and with legs scissored in front and back of you (all 8 rounds)
Third (and last!) Tabata Routine:
  • Double leg Box Jumps – on the tire or a box/bench. Be sure to step down off the tire, not jump. (all 8 rounds)
If you need more  after all this, do a good old fashioned tire flips tabata style.


Good Luck!

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